• Should a Child Seat Be Replaced After a Crash? - When inspecting a vehicle if you notice a child seat was in the vehicle, makes sure you inquire whether it was involved in the loss or not. Even if the child seat was not in use, you should replace the child seat if damaged, just to be safe. This is a matter of safety. See... Continue Reading →
  • 10 Tax Tips to Increase Your 1099 Tax Deductions - We all want to pay less in taxes, but there are these rules called the “tax code” and that fun little company called the “IRS” that make sure we pay what we owe. The big question becomes are you accounting for all your deductions? We at SCA want you to keep more of your hard-earned... Continue Reading →
  • How to Stay Safe When Caught in a Hail Storm - Hail storms can come on very quickly and cause extensive damage. Hail is formed during thunderstorms when rising currents of air, called updrafts, carry raindrops high into the atmosphere where they freeze. Eventually the hailstones become large enough that the updrafts can no longer lift them and they fall to earth. Here are 4 tips on... Continue Reading →
  • Cloudy Headlight Dangers and Solutions - Most of us don’t pay much attention to our headlights. They just illuminate the road for us when we need them and if a bulb goes out we get it replaced.  Yet, slowly over time the headlights of a vehicle can become cloudy looking and cause potential dangerous scenarios and consequences. As auto damage appraisers... Continue Reading →
  • How Eco-Friendly Paints Let Us Breathe a Sigh of Relief - The auto repair industry has for years been in a slow transition from solvent/lacquer-based paint to waterborne paints due to the toxic impact the former type of paint has on the environment. The main concern with lacquer-based paints are that as the paint dries it releases Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC’s into the air. While... Continue Reading →
  • How to Set Up Your Professional Claims Email Address in 60 Minutes or Less - As an independent auto damage appraiser, you are working with vehicle owners, insurance companies, independent appraisal firms, and auto body repair facilities and you need to make a good first impression. There are many things you can do in person to better your professionalism, but many appraisers don’t take the time to make a good... Continue Reading →
  • 5 Expense Tracking Apps for 1099 Contractors - Being an independent auto damage appraiser can be a challenging career. Fast cycle times, high expectations, demanding customers, and dealing with devastation on a daily basis can all add up and make you feel worn out. Many appraisers are so busy handling being the appraisers for their company they neglect being the all in one... Continue Reading →
  • Fast Food Options for the Auto Damage Appraiser - You need to stay healthy as an auto damage appraiser, it’s important. You go to appointment after appointment, spending endless hours on the road. One of the biggest challenges to your health is eating healthy and resisting the urge to gobble down burgers and shakes at every meal. So how do others do it? Here... Continue Reading →
  • The Life of a Contracted 1099 Auto Damage Appraiser - Working as a 1099 contracted independent auto damage appraiser, can be thrilling and fulfilling but, let’s be realistic, it also has its disadvantages. It takes discipline to keep a schedule, balancing work life and personal life, obtaining a good client base and let’s not forget invoicing and paying taxes. Let’s look at what it takes,... Continue Reading →
  • Selfish Reasons to Work on Your Health and Work Life Balance - Admit it, you work hard. We all do! In our industry hard work is rewarded. It’s human nature to want to be rewarded and the quicker the reward, the more we choose to do certain activities. In life we want to feel adequate, respected, strong, loved, and successful. When we receive a quick pat on... Continue Reading →

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