Value of Drone Technology in the Insurance Industry

Drones were once considered out of reach to the common person, being only used by governments and research facilities, but in recent years, due to cheapening materials and excessive demand, drone technology has become widely accessible. This accessibility has been leveraged by insurance firms to close claims faster and more accurately. In the aftermath of... Continue Reading →

How to Stay Safe When Caught in a Hail Storm

Hail storms can come on very quickly and cause extensive damage. Hail is formed during thunderstorms when rising currents of air, called updrafts, carry raindrops high into the atmosphere where they freeze. Eventually the hailstones become large enough that the updrafts can no longer lift them and they fall to earth. Here are 4 tips on... Continue Reading →

Cloudy Headlight Dangers and Solutions

Most of us don’t pay much attention to our headlights. They just illuminate the road for us when we need them and if a bulb goes out we get it replaced.  Yet, slowly over time the headlights of a vehicle can become cloudy looking and cause potential dangerous scenarios and consequences. As auto damage appraisers... Continue Reading →

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