Cloudy Headlight Dangers and Solutions

Most of us don’t pay much attention to our headlights. They just illuminate the road for us when we need them and if a bulb goes out we get it replaced.

 Yet, slowly over time the headlights of a vehicle can become cloudy looking and cause potential dangerous scenarios and consequences. As auto damage appraisers we are traveling on the road more than most and so this is a bigger concern for us than a typical driver.


As the headlights on a vehicle get more and more cloudy it becomes harder for a you to see the road and equally harder for other vehicles to see your vehicle.

If you are caught in bad rain or snowstorm this problem will be exacerbated and you could find yourself in a scary situation.


The next time you walk out to your car check your headlights and if they are starting to look foggy remedy the situation with one of the following solutions below:

 • Professional Cleaning – Most auto mechanics or oil & lube shops can perform a headlight restoration service to take away the cloudiness in your headlights. These services typically range from $75-$150.
DIY Kit – Most auto parts stores like NAPA, Autozone, or Advanced Auto Parts will have a headlight restoration kit. You can also find a kit like this on by clicking HERE. These kits cost $10-$20.

cleaning kit

Home Remedy

My personal favorite after looking online for solutions, is found HERE by Helpful Review, toothpaste.

This home remedy is apparently good at restoring your headlight. Use your personal toothbrush for bonus points and as a great excuse to get the music playing Star Wars toothbrush you’ve been wanting.

brush clean

The cost of the home remedy is said to be between $7-$12.

I think with the three cost comparisons the DIY Kit makes the most sense, but if you need something fun to do grab the toothpaste and go to town!

Regardless of which solution you try, take care of your vehicle and your headlights and stay safe out there.

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