How to Set Up Your Professional Claims Email Address in 60 Minutes or Less

As an independent auto damage appraiser, you are working with vehicle owners, insurance companies, independent appraisal firms, and auto body repair facilities and you need to make a good first impression.

There are many things you can do in person to better your professionalism, but many appraisers don’t take the time to make a good impression with their most valuable digital asset, their email address.

Congrats on new project

Your email address is a terrific way to make a great first impression or a terrific way to make people doubt your expertise. You may be proud of your, but that doesn’t go over as professional when emailing people who are trusting you with their vehicle or claim.

It isn’t hard or expensive to set up a professional email address, its easy, cheap, and essential to have a professional email.

It typically costs $20 a year for the name/domain you’ll want associated with your email and $5 a month for your email service.

There are links below walking you through each step so you can increase your professional appearance in 60 minutes or less.

Good luck!

1.        Buying a Domain/Name – Super easy to do. Click on the link, type in the name of your company and find a rocking name for your email/website. You can use any domain provider, but our link takes you to Namecheap because their names are SO CHEAP!

2.        Set up your Gmail Account – A few more steps, but still really simple and easy to do if you follow the instructions HERE.

Still not convinced you need a business branded email? Checkout this article HERE on the topic.

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