5 Expense Tracking Apps for 1099 Contractors

Being an independent auto damage appraiser can be a challenging career. Fast cycle times, high expectations, demanding customers, and dealing with devastation on a daily basis can all add up and make you feel worn out.

Many appraisers are so busy handling being the appraisers for their company they neglect being the all in one CEO, admin, HR, and secretary role they must also perform. This results in many tasks like expense tracking falling through the cracks.

Below is 5 of the best apps to make expense tracking easier than ever as an auto damage appraiser. We even threw in some FREE options!


MileIQ is one of the best rated mileage tracking apps in the phone app stores. Once MileIQ is installed it works in the background. No buttons to press to start or stop. Your miles are automatically logged and recorded creating a complete record of all your tax deductible and reimbursable mileage.One of the coolest features of Mile IQ is the ability to swipe to quickly classify drives as work or personal, saving you hours of logging creating reports that’ll make your accountant jealous.

Price: $5.99/mo.

Checkout their free trial by clicking HERE.



The industry leading accounting software also has a great app that helps you keep track of your expenses as a 1099 contractor.Snap photos of receipts, categorize expenses, see activity in your accounts and easily email and view reports of your entire income and expenses make this app one to try. Need an expense tracking out?

Price: $10/mo.

Checkout Quickbooks HERE



This suggestion is for all of you who love the underdog. Freshbooks is a competitor to Quickbooks and has targeted the small business crowd who may not want to use the biggest software provider on the market.

They too have a full suite of accounting software and the ability to take photos of your receipts and categorize expenses. Their bread and butter and what they brag about is how easy it is to invoice clients as a 1099 contractor.

Price: $15/mo.

Checkout Freshbooks and their free trial HERE



Ok, a free accounting software?  Pretty awesome if you ask me!  Wave’s tag line says it all “The best free financial software for small businesses”
You get accounting software, invoicing software, and receipt scanning free! Wave makes their money through the online payments and payroll that companies use through them, the software is just a lure.

Price: FREE

If you like free, take advantage HERE


Another free option that does both the mileage tracking and income and expense tracking for you. They are the new kid on the block and are trying to do thing a bit different.

There is a paid plan at $7.99 a month, but even the free option has unlimited mileage tracking and expense tracking. The paid plan automatically pulls in your expenses from your bank account making the categorization process even better.

Price: Free – $7.99

Like Free? Checkout Hurdlr by clicking HERE


Regardless of what expense tracking you decide to utilize choose one so you can focus on more important things than simply running your business.

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