10 Benefits of Working with SCA Appraisal Company

Being an independent auto damage appraiser is a demanding job. You are not only an appraiser but a business owner.

Determining how to get more work and market your company is an important decision. One way that many independent appraisers decide to broaden their local or regional market reach is to work with agencies or national appraisal firms who offer support services. This allows an appraiser to focus on the unique service only they can provide while allowing the larger firm to handle the rest.

Firms like SCA Appraisal Company cover many of the business aspects of the job like new customer sales, quality control, compliance, estimating support, accounting, technology development, and account management. This allows you to focus on the most important aspects such as handling appointments, providing needed status updates, completing inspections and writing estimates.

Working with a national IA Firm having a business history spanning almost 40 years can be very important in building up your company into a local powerhouse. As many new business owners find out it’s hard to get started when you don’t have a long work history behind you. People often don’t like to take risks on something new and untested and insurance companies are even more risk adverse!

Deciding which national firms to work with is also an important decision which can greatly affect your ability to succeed as a business owner. As President of SCA Appraisal Company, I’d like to outline for you the ’10 Benefits of Working with SCA Appraisal’. JobPosting3a_Final

1. Trusted – SCA’s Industry Trust is Now Transferred to You

SCA was founded in 1979. Our current clients and the industry have come to know, depend and trust SCA to handle their claims in a timely and professional fashion.

When you become an independent appraiser for SCA, our 39 years of claim management and trust is extended to you. You won’t have to deal with each insurance company adjuster calling you about every file. They will either call us or just look to our portal for your status updates. Our quick and easy status note system can save you hours of telephone time each week.

2. Work Where You Are – Claims Coast to Coast

No matter what state you work in, SCA likely has the need for claim handling. We receive assignments from large, midsize and small insurance companies who expect us to provide coverage from coast to coast. By being part of our network, you are immediately connected to hundreds of insurance customers and their claims – right in your backyard.

3. Diversified Client Network – 33,000+ Claims a Month

SCA has hundreds of clients to ensure we aren’t reliant on just one company for our volume. Our sales team travels the country to diversify our clients and ensure a more consistent flow of work for our appraisers.

In 2017 we averaged 33,000 claims a month and are on a path of continued growth. That is A LOT of vehicles needing inspections and estimates each month. Since we are barely into Q1 of 2018 and having just signed several large clients, we are looking to grow even more this year. This allows SCA to provide you a steadier source of work.

4. World Class Tools – Cutting Edge Technology

Throughout SCA’s history we have fought hard to stay on the cutting edge of new technology. We never have settled for doing things, “the way they’ve always been done.”

It’s because of this that we constantly invest capitol into bettering our technology and processes. We want our entire workflow to be the best experience for our appraisers and our clients. From our appraiser-centric mobile photo upload app, claim management dashboard to numerous automated services we make it easier to keep track of and close your claims.

5. Strong Support Team – We’ve Got Your Back

As an auto damage appraiser and business owner, it can get to feel like you are alone in the struggle to close claims. With our support network you never have to feel like you are working alone.

Our staff is here to ensure you and our clients have what they need as quick as possible. With this kind of support system, you truly have an entire company working beside you.

6. Estimating Software – Discounts

Starting your claims company is a challenging task. As a new or expanding business owner expenses are at the top of your concerns. At SCA we have discounts for industry leading estimating software due to our large group rates.

By working with us you are included in that discount which saves you money month after month and can really make a difference over the course of a year.

7. Get Paid on Time – Sometimes It’s the Simple Things

There are stories aplenty about independent appraisers being cheated out of their hard-earned money. At SCA we pride ourselves on being timely, disciplined, and organized with our payroll.

JobPosting2_FinalYou will never have to worry about getting paid what you are owed – when you are owed it. This can’t be overlooked in an industry full of sad stories. Having a guaranteed bi-monthly payroll, we pay you even if the carrier has not paid us! By not having to worry about getting paid you can worry about more important things… like your family.

8. Multiple Revenue Streams – Don’t Limit Yourself

At SCA we offer multiple appraisal services to our clients. This allows you to fully utilize your diverse experience and talents. Handling auto inspections are just the beginning of your journey.

We also offer motorcycle, RV, heavy equipment, desk review, diminished value, scene investigations, supplement re-inspects, light property and more. This allows you to multiply your earning potential by qualifying you to fulfill these different types of inspections and with our trained, Burbank office staff, we’ll make sure you have the right tools for the job.

9. Opportunities for Growth – Grow With SCA

As you become more experienced it’s natural to want to broaden your industry horizons to what is possible for your business. Many of our independent auto appraisal companies want to continue to remove risk from their business by securing the most inspection opportunities each day, month and year.

At SCA we love the thought of enabling our appraisers to fulfill their business aspirations. We offer one of the best franchise opportunities in the industry with numerous major market cities still available. Think you’ve got a skill we could use other than appraising? We always have employment positions available in many different capacities.

10. EstimateSmith – Never Get Overwhelmed

As an auto damage appraiser, it can often feel like it’s feast or famine. You are looking for more work when there isn’t enough and when there is enough you can’t handle the volume which could cause you to lose an account.

At SCA we once again have something specifically created to assist your business. If your area gets overwhelmed with a large volume of claims on a regular basis or maybe you simply need help closing a few claims faster, we have an in-house estimate writing service we call EstimateSmith.JobPosting1_Final

For $20 we will complete one of our assigned claims by writing a professional estimate using your photos and notes. Have a family night planned and got hit with a new wave of claims? Don’t worry, spend the day inspecting the vehicles and let us handle the rest.

With an industry as challenging as ours I hope that you will take full advantage of being a part of our great and ever-expanding network. Don’t miss out on all the benefits SCA has to offer to you as an independent auto damage appraiser and business owner.

Not a part of our independent appraiser network?

Join by visiting SCA-Appraisal.com/Appraisal-Resources to apply.


Tim W. P. Davis
SCA Appraisal Company

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